ReMarHotels Moves To Bookassist

Claire Sawier
September 27, 2018
ReMarHotels, a group of five prestigious four star hotels in Italy has moved to Bookassist.

The hotels are located in areas of high demand, in the historic centres of Rome, Florence and along the beautiful coastline of Versilia. All hotels experience high levels of occupancy.

The Nocioni family who have managed the group for two generations opted to move to Bookassist given the company’s track record in improving margin for hotels.

“The bookings were coming in but we knew that we had to improve margin as we were increasingly relying on business from OTAs.

Since we went live with our new group website, designed and built by Bookassist, we have seen an immediate improvement in direct bookings.The group technology allows us to cross sell our hotels in the event of one hotel being sold out for a particular date. Rather go back to the OTAs to look for alternative accommodation, as our customers used to do we are able to propose our other hotels instead.

We expect to see even better results as we continue to work with Bookassist on our direct booking strategy.”

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