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A powerful business intelligence platform

Bookassist Intelligence empowers your team with a whole new level of data agility

Improve your hotel’s performance by transforming your team’s ability to ask the key questions, to get the up-to-the-minute answers, to understand the underlying challenges, and to act decisively on new insights.

Bookassist Intelligence does the vital heavy lifting needed for forward thinking so that you don’t have to.

Light years ahead of traditional reporting

A major leap forward, future-proofed and fully scalable to the needs of your hotel

Say goodbye to flat retrospective reports – Bookassist Intelligence is miles ahead of traditional static reporting.

Bookassist Intelligence will help you to understand the drivers behind the reports so that you can identify why something has happened and help determine how you can improve future performance..


Vital timely insights

Essential for quick decision-making at your fingertips

Now more than ever you need strong, detailed analytical insights to help plan for bounce back, starting today.

Bookassist Intelligence provides additional analytical and strategic and compset perspectives from your market as well as actionable insights from your existing datasets and reports.

Benchmark your hotel’s direct performance against 2020 and also against the more typical pre-covid booking patterns of 2019. Long-term booking dynamic visuals also help to set current recovery into a wider context.

Critical actionable KPIs

Highly engaging visual dashboards to uncover underlying trends in your data and in the market

Combine, analyse, cross reference and dynamically drill down into multiple datasets to uncover meaningful and actionable insights with Bookassist Intelligence – not possible with standard reporting.

Get meaningful answers. Data insights and alerts can be manipulated to allow you to explore data relationships, address underlying issues, and identify opportunities. And with Bookassist Pulse mobile dashboards you have your top-line data with you – anytime, anywhere.


A selection of dashboard to suit your needs

Any report you could want at the touch of a button. Bookassist Business Intelligence has you covered! From rates & products, to digital marketing, you can now compare your hotel's performance at a more granular level all in one place, in real-time.

Core Metrics

An overview of general booking trends, including summaries of the in-depth reports from some of the other dashboards

Rates & Products

A collection of reports relating to Room, Meal Plans, Vouchers and Add-ons purchased within the Booking Engine.

Guest Origin

This dashboard provides a collection of reports relating to the geographic origin of guests as well as potential guests who make requests to the Booking Engine.

Demand OTB & Pickup

This dashboard provides a collection of reports about demand and booking patterns for combinations of pickup and target periods

Digital Marketing

A collection of reports about Digital Marketing campaign performance including bookings, room nights, ADR and revenue by channel.


A collection of reports about Meta Search campaign performance indicating ROI and conversion on spend by channel.

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Bookassist Intelligence is a powerful business intelligence platform that aims to improve your hotel’s performance by empowering your management team with a whole new level of data agility, allowing them to purposefully interrogate the huge amounts of data that your hotel generates on a daily, weekly and annual basis.

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