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The integrated combination of technology and strategy is the key to online success.

Our technology is backed with expert strategic advice and support.

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to grow your direct bookings, drive higher margin and decrease your cost of acquisition.

< 20 %
Cost of Acquisition
in direct booking revenue for hotels

Case Study

Hotel Granville

Philip Erskine - Business Development Manager

In 2022 we did a complete update of our website which we could not have done without the knowledge, advice and patience from our Account Manager Louise. We also put a big emphasis on converting more direct business and we have seen exponential growth in recent months.

Louise helped us get connected with other people within Bookassist to increase our digital presence which has resulted in a higher ROI.

We are hitting record breaking months for room nights booked and we have closed the gap between direct bookings and OTA’s.

The people we work with in Bookassist possess the knowledge and expertise about the market and digital spending that we simply do not have and we appreciate their help.

Direct Online VS OTAs Q1 2023



Louise Kennedy - Client Success Manager

One of the favourite parts of my job are the relationships I build with my clients. I am very driven by open communication and transparency with the hotels that I work with.

Granville has been my dream client, they are so receptive to our advice and open to making changes and investing in their own online presence. 

They see the value in what we do and take action when we recommend it. It really has been such a joy working with them and seeing the incredible results that they are achieving as a result of trusting in us and working together as a team for that same goal – driving that direct revenue to the property. Long may it continue. 

Online Revenue Q1 2023

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