The Metasearch revolution is now!

HotelTechReport 2020 Winner - Best Metasearch Management


#1 Best Metasearch Management

of travellers use metasearch when searching for hotels
of travellers do so regularly

Keep up with the change or fall behind

If you don’t engage with Metasearch advertising today, your hotel will just fall behind

The way travellers search for your hotel online has changed: have you changed how you market your hotel to them?

Engage with Metasearch to stay competitive

Add Metasearch Advertising as a vital part of your hotel’s Digital Marketing Mix

Metasearch traffic to hotel websites has tripled since 2016, and OTAs have been spending millions of dollars to capture that huge traffic.

Today, Metasearch advertising represents a solid opportunity to promote  your hotel in front of your potential customers.


Win at Metasearch with Bookassist

Bookassist manages and optimises campaigns for ROI across the full range of Metasearch platforms

Many companies offer connectivity to metasearch channels, but connectivity is not enough!

To be successful on Metasearch you need to actively manage, optimise and monitor your hotel’s presence across all channels.

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AI & Machine Learning

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Team Focused 100% on Meta

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Worldwide Expertise

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increase in YoY direct traffic

With Metasearch advertising, top performing hotels can increase direct traffic up to 100%

< 100 %
average cost of acquisition

Average cost of acquisition for Bookassist hotel clients on Metasearch is consistently below 10%

~ 0 %
overall direct bookings

Top performing clients see Metasearch contributing up to 40% of their direct bookings 

Get Started Now!

Simple three-step approach to Metasearch success
Start with zero risk, grow for ROI, and scale up for increased volume

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Zero risk, pay-per-stay Metasearch advertising on Google Hotel Ads

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Higher ROI, multi-channel Metasearch advertising with flexible spend strategies

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Increased volume with AI & machine learning driven Metasearch Advertising


200+ hotels choose Bookassist

We provide Metasearch services to over 200 hotels across 15+ countries all over the world

Seamless direct booking ecosystem for hotels

We work with hotels to drive high value direct bookings for increased revenue and margin

Bookassist’s integrated technology works in harmony to provide a frictionless direct booking experience for your hotel guests.
Our world class direct booking solutions are supported by a proven Direct Booking Strategy that empowers hoteliers to move their OTA inventory to direct with confidence.

Join thousands of other successful hotels using award-winning Bookassist technology and direct booking services.