Launch of Bookassist Intelligence a game changer for hotels

Claire Sawier
March 24, 2021
bookassist intelligence launch featured image 3

Bookassist is changing the game for hoteliers with the launch of Bookassist Intelligence, its new and powerful business intelligence platform.

Bookassist Intelligence empowers hoteliers with a whole new level of data agility to improve business performance. Dynamic data drives business by providing vital and timely insights essential to quick decision making.

It is transforming hoteliers’ ability to ask the key questions, to get the up-to-the-minute answers, to understand the underlying challenges, and to act decisively on new insights.

Bookassist Intelligence does the vital heavy lifting needed for forward thinking.

Bookassist Intelligence not only deep dives into what’s happening now but it also helps you to understand the drivers behind the data so that you can identify why something has happened and help determine how you can improve future performance.

Bookassist Intelligence provides analytical and strategic compset perspectives from your market as well as critical and actionable insights from existing datasets and reports.

And with Bookassist Pulse mobile dashboards you have your top-line data with you – anytime, anywhere.

Now more than ever you need strong, detailed analytical insights to help plan for bounce back, starting today.

Bookassist Intelligence will be available to all Bookassist Booking Engine clients.

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