Boutique Hotel Das Tigra

"Bookassist provided us with a comprehensive analysis"



Vienna, Austria



increase in room nights

Bookassist provided us with a comprehensive analysis of our current situation and developed a customized strategy to boost our direct bookings

As a hotel, we faced the challenge of increasing direct bookings and reducing our reliance on third-party providers like online travel agencies (OTAs). We recognized the importance of generating more direct business to reduce commissions and dependency on these platforms, but we lacked a clear roadmap on how to achieve this.

Bookassist played a crucial role in supporting us through this challenge. They provided us with a comprehensive analysis of our current situation and developed a customized strategy to boost our direct bookings. Working with Bookassist, we successfully launched a new website featuring a flexible and powerful booking engine, which significantly improved our online presence. Additionally, we received valuable guidance on enhancing our SEO efforts and benefited from comprehensive digital marketing support aimed at increasing conversion rates and optimizing the return on investment for our web campaigns.

Thanks to Bookassist’s expertise and support, we achieved remarkable results. Our direct business increased, reducing our reliance on third-party vendors and ultimately improving our profitability. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and greatly value the collaboration with Bookassist.

One of the significant advantages of partnering with experts like Bookassist is gaining access to a broader range of knowledge and experience beyond that of our internal marketing team. This exposure to new ideas, strategies, and best practices enhances our overall understanding of the industry and empowers us to make informed decisions.

Moreover, Bookassist equips us with industry-specific knowledge and data analytics, helping us stay current with market trends and challenges. This ensures that our marketing and revenue strategies remain relevant and adaptable in a constantly changing landscape.

Furthermore, Bookassist serves as a coach and mentor, supporting us in improving our skills and knowledge continuously. Their guidance motivates us to strive for continuous improvement, always aiming to stay ahead and maintain a leading position among our competitors. With Bookassist’s expertise and assistance, we are confident in the future of our online business.

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