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Hotel Tech Awards 2022 a Bookassist

Gli HotelTechAward, i Grammy del Settore Alberghiero, premiano le aziende migliori agli occhi degli albergatori.

11622 albergatori hanno votato.

I Giudici più Importanti sono i Clienti

A key partner for the hotel business

"We have increased our direct bookings up to 60% through our official site managed by Bookassist within the last 6 years. They offer flexibility, professionalism, best practices, and are online marketing leaders."

Hotel Manager - Apartments in Spain

Outstanding customer service 

"Since switching our website, digital marketing and booking engine to Bookassist, we have seen a year on year increase in business."

Marketing Manager - Boutique in Ireland 

Ahead of the curve & perfect harmony

"Bookassist's innovative practices all work in perfect harmony together to optimise conversion and increase bottom line revenues."

Sales and Marketing - Group in Ireland 

Continued growth year on year

"We love that with Bookassist it is a partnership, someone is always available to support, give advise or dig us out of a hole. We continue to see growth year on year and in fact 2021 will be a record year for our website sales. "

Group Sales & Marketing Manager - Group in Ireland

Highly approachable and knowledgeable with a dedication to their clients!

"My experiences with Bookassist have only ever been exciting and innovating. Their entire team constantly strive to provide the best support and services year round."

Sales & Marketing Manager - Group in Ireland 

Excellent support and advice

"Bookassist has an excellent support team, nothing is a problem and always on call. The advice and recommendations are second to none."

Head of Sales & Marketing - Resort in UK 

Driving direct bookings efficiently and effectively

"Bookassist drive direct bookings and revenue efficiently and effectively. Mobile first, and friendly website and booking engine team."

Digital Marketing Manager - Boutique in Ireland 

Very satisfied since more than 15 years

"The friendly and fast customer support is what we like the most. Their reliable and leading technology has never failed us."

Desk manager - Apartments in Spain 

Great support and business partners who care

"All the services we need to outsource our website design, booking engine, and digital marketing all from one supplier, making our work easier."

Director of Sales and Marketing - Hotel in Ireland  

Simply a perfect long-term cooperation

"Excellent, more than 11 years long cooperation that started with Booking Engine, and today we are using almost all the products and services."

Director - Boutique in Czechia 

10 years of successful partnership

"10 years of collaboration with Bookassist and we are very satisfied. Our official website is now our main bookings provider."

Hotel Manager - City Center in France 

Excellent partnership!

"Very good booking engine, efficient customer service and profitable cooperation. Long list of possibilities with services offered by Bookassist."

Deputy General Manager - Hotel in Poland 

Professional, capable and technically brilliant website management team!

"I have worked with Bookassist over the last 5 years on a number of different hotel properties and have always found the team to be brilliant to work with. Their technology is second to none!"

Sales & Marketing - Airport Hotel Ireland 

Very customer friendly

"I find the friendliness, the competence, the flexibility and the know-how of the team absolutely positive. Especially the possibility to always get good advice on other topics."

Quality Management -  Hotel in Austria

Good choice!

"When it comes to Bookassist Metasearch, your team is constantly monitoring campaign performance to get the best results. Communication is very fluid, and we're always able to find the best sales strategy together."

Head of Revenue, Distribution & Sales Strategy -  Boutique in Spain

Excellent Collaboration

"Good communication with the client. Metasearch campaigns bring positive ROI for our hotels and we appreciate receiving news and updates from systems such as Google Hotel ads etc."

Digital Marketer -  City Centre Hotel in Italy

My website is the first sales channel!

"Strategy is Bookassist's real added value! Among their tools, I really appreciate the booking technology and CMS of our websites."

Receptionist - Boutique in Italy 

Thank You Bookassist

"Staff is always kind and ready to help. You can ask them for anything and surely they will find some solution. Booking engine is intuitive and easy to learn. "

Revenue Manager - Boutique in Poland 

Fantastic Partnership

"I have to say that Bookassist Metasearch has wonderful impact on bringing more direct bookings to our websites and stunning effect on ROI and our hotel ADR."

Sales & Marketing Manager - Apartments in Czech Republic

digital marketing hotel tech awards 2022 badge 300px
hoteltechawards review summary only digital marketing

Migliore Digital Marketing

La nostra Strategia di Digital Marketing ti assicura più prenotazioni dirette al tuo Sito Web

“Il nostro Digital Marketing Specialist è molto competente e si impegna sempre nel fornire feedback sui cambiamenti che ritiene possano migliorare la conversione sui nostri siti e annunci. Avere Bookassist come partner e una squadra così fantastica al fianco, ci permette di concentrarci su ciò che conta.”

Sales & Marketing Manager – Hotel in Irlanda

Migliore Web Design & CMS

Il Sito Web è il tuo miglior canale di vendita

“Da quando abbiamo cominciato ad usare il Sito Web e il Booking Engine, le nostre vendite dirette sono aumentate enormemente. Cerchiamo di utilizzare tutti i tool che offre Bookassist, e il nostro Account Manager è sempre super efficiente. ”

Revenue Manager – Hotel in Argentina

hoteltechawards review summary only web design
web design hotel tech awards 2022 badge 300px
metasearch hotel tech awards 2022 badge 300px
hoteltechawards review summary only metasearch

Miglior Gestione Metasearch

Aggiungi le campagne Metasearch al Digital Marketing Mix del tuo Hotel

“Devo dire che i Metasearch di Bookassist hanno avuto un impatto meraviglioso nel portare più prenotazioni dirette ai nostri Siti Web ed un effetto sorprendente sul ROI e sull’ADR del nostro Hotel.”

Sales & Marketing Manager – Hotel in Repubblica Ceca

Miglior Motore di Prenotazione (#2)

Il Motore di Prenotazione è la chiave per il tuo fatturato futuro. Quindi sceglilo attentamente!

“Abbiamo iniziato a collaborare con Bookassist 2 anni fa, con Sito Web e Booking Engine. Da allora abbiamo visto il nostro fatturato crescere del 43%. Il nostro business mobile in particolare è davvero decollato, il fatturato da smartphone è aumentato del 60% e ora rappresenta oltre il 54% di tutto il nostro traffico.”

Revenue Manager – Hotel in Francia

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2022 Badge - People's Choice260px

Il Choice Award degli Albergatori

Bookassist ha vinto il Choice Award degli Albergatori per l’eccezionale centralità dei suoi clienti. Il Choice Award premia le aziende che hanno bilanciato una forte crescita con un focus particolare sulla centralità del cliente.

Cosa pensano i nostri partner

The clients that get the most out of Bookassist are the ones that do not just buy a booking engine, but also leverage Bookassist's deep capabilities. The package works well together as a whole.

Brendan May
Managing Director @ Hotel Res Bot 

There are several all in one marketing solution in the market. What sets Bookassist aside is their ability to deliver strategic advice and really help you on a daily basis. Make sure to consider the value of good customer service and advice.

Benjamin Devisme
VP Sales @ Quicktext

My advice is that you are acquiring a product that will not disappoint you that you can develop a website and the engine or add the engine to your website and that you are sure that they will help you sell much more for your website.

Emilio Parrilla
CEO @ Ubikos

I would like to recommend a combination of a Booking Engine and a smart website. These product are perfectly integrated and work well. Google Analytics reports + personal experiences = the right decision of the client.

Dagmar Trefilkova
Head of Sales @ Hores Plus

It would be difficult to give a single piece of advice because Bookassist is a complete package. I would highly recommend Bookassist to everyone. Not only this it has a great team that is really helpful and cooperative.

Umar Khan
Project Coordinator @ Technogency

The hotels that benefit the most from working with Bookassist are the hotels that trust the digital marketing & online business management teams. They are the experts in their field and know what works and what doesn't.

Roshan McPartland
Director, Partner Development @ ADARA

On top of being available in 23 languages and supporting 43 currencies, their main differentiators are that they are fully mobile compatible and use dynamic rates to provide discounts and upsell offers.

Jeremy Greant
Partnerships Management @ OTA Insight

Bookassist has a team of experts who understand their work very well. Everything is always processed and implemented very quickly. The response from our clients is very positive compared to competing companies.

Marek Krutý
Executive @ AppSisto

2022 Badge - Best Places to Work 260px

I Migliori Posti dove Lavorare

La lista dei Migliori Posti dove Lavorare di Hotel Tech Report presenta aziende che promuovono ambienti di lavoro eccezionali per i dipendenti. Un ambiente di lavoro migliore attrae talenti migliori che realizzano prodotti migliori, offrono servizi miglior e sviluppano relazioni più profonde con i loro clienti.

Unisciti a migliaia di Hotel che hanno già scelto la pluripremiata tecnologia di Bookassist e i nostri servizi per le prenotazioni dirette.