3 Great Reasons to Choose Bookassist

22 října, 2013

Here are 3 great reasons why we think you should choose Bookassist for your hotel’s online needs:

Our booking technology is better than ever!

Our Booking Engine has continuous major upgrades making it more flexible, more responsive, with higher conversion and strong new features:

  • New modern interface with advanced CSS, highly adaptable to your hotel’s website
  • Dynamic Pricing capabilities to offer automatic packaging, discounts and specials with prices recalculated on-the-fly
  • Meal Plans to offer breakfasts, dinners as add-ons depending on occupants and ages
  • This year we launched our new Distribution Manager, a game-changer for the industry. We are different from other channel manager companies in one very important way, we actually help hotels to find the sale with the best margin

Our technology continues to beat the industry

We always strive to deliver above the industry norm

  • Our team are Google Adwords certified AND Google Analytics qualified.
  • We are not only PCI compliant but we are registered Visa merchants. We take your business very seriously and work very hard to protect it.
  • We don’t just advise on direct business, we also integrate with Meta Search providers to automatically manage hotels information straight from the booking engine admin system delivering more direct business and higher margins for our hotels.
  • We don’t just bring you local expertise we bring you global expertise. Our international market intelligence helps us to make our booking technology and our online strategy advice second to none.

Bookassist – for those who won’t settle for second best.

Připojte se k tisícům dalších úspěšných hotelů, které využívají technologii a služeb pro získání přímých rezervací od Bookassist, několikrát oceněné společnosti.