The K Boutique Hotel

"Over 40% of reservations now come from metasearch."



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Rome, Italy

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reservations from metasearch

The decision to integrate Bookassist metasearch into the marketing plan of Prim Hotels, a group of 3 properties, has proved to be extraordinarily effective. In just a short space of time, this has led to an increase in direct sales and decrease in OTA dependence.

Thanks to Bookassist we have optimised our hotel’s presence on all metasearch platforms. Bookassist have improved our ranking on each one e.g. 65 positions higher in TripAdvisor ranking, in addition to strengthening our presence through ongoing content management and monitoring.

Through Bookassist’s meticulous management of cost-per-click campaigns, we have achieved results that have exceeded our expectations. Now, over 40% of reservations come from metasearch, with a cost of acquisition decisively lower than other sales channels. I recommend Bookassist for all hotels that are not yet active on metasearch.

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