Monte Hotels

"Metasearch service is a true success!"




Seville & Cadiz, Spain



revenue through the direct channel

After three years and three months of collaboration with Bookassist, we can assure you that it was the right choice. Our decision to sign for Metasearch Digital Marketing service has turned out to be a true success reaching 26% revenue through the direct channel, with very considerable increases during the first quarter.

We are lucky that we can count on Bookassist professionals to manage our Metasearch cost-per-click campaigns, achieving a cost of acquisition of less than 2%, which is spectacular!

In the beginning, we were dubious about the success of Metasearch campaigns. Having seen the excellent results month after month, we have increased the budget and the number of channels to show rates from our official website, starting with Google Hotel Ads, then Trivago and finally Tripadvisor.

The fight to decrease dependence on OTAs is very challenging however, thanks to the strategies agreed with Bookassist and a proper pricing policy, we have managed to reduce this dependency by 4%. There is still work to be done, but we are on the right road. These results are acheived based on mutual trust along with continuous monitoring by our account manager.

In conclusion: It’s a winner.

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