Ambassador Hotel

"The Bookassist team made us believe in the direct potential of our online presence."






increase in direct bookings

We chose Bookassist to develop our new website and implement an integrated Booking Engine.

From the get go, we worked on the sales strategy and content for our new Bookassist Smart Website. We wanted to ensure that once live, the website’s look and feel, as well as its performance would meet our requirements.

And so it was. Just after the first month of the new website launch, we recorded a +120% increase in the conversion rate, with a consequent increase in bookings of more than 150%. We didn’t expect that level of immediate success, and it was interesting to hear that the Mobile Booking Engine reached 1/4 of our total bookings!

We believe that there are still many opportunities for even greater success for Ambassador Hotel based on this partnership. Right now, we are refining our strategy and testing new solutions together with Bookassist on an ongoing basis. We are even considering entrusting them with our Digital Marketing and the Metasearch requirements as well!

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