V10 Mobile

The world's most advanced mobile booking experience.

Targeting mobile transactions is the single best thing that a hotel can do to improve its direct booking business. With more than 60% of all accommodation website views now on mobile the ability to convert this valuable visitor traffic is essential.

Built For Conversion

  • Touch optimised
  • Google speed-test optimised
  • High quality photography galleries
  • Simple add-to-cart functionality
  • Show add-ons, room upgrades and more

The Mobile Experience Is Different!

Most mobile booking engines are trimmed down versions of the desktop booking engine, losing functionality and features to fit a small screen.
Not Bookassist’s.

Bookassist’s next generation V10 Mobile platform is an entirely new mobile-first booking platform delivering a truly engaging, super fast, touch-optimised mobile experience.

V10 Mobile - Designed To Optimise The Conversion Funnel

Built from the ground up, it offers its own booking process and a full-feature app-like user experience that's focused on mobile conversion.

Critically, it delivers key booking functionality which drives mobile conversions and shortens the booker purchase path, fully exploiting the mobile opportunity for hotels.

V10 Mobile Is Delivering For Hotels

More bookings! From the moment we moved onto Bookassist’s V10 Mobile booking engine we noticed an immediate uplift on our mobile conversion figures. We’ve seen a remarkable increase in the number of bookings on this new platform compared to what we traditionally received via our mobile channel.

We now offer our mobile customers more functionality than ever before such as room add-ons and multiple room reservations. The mobile journey for the booker is shorter than ever and the feedback has been really positive. Our customers are clearly happy!

Valerie Steinbeck - Group Revenue and Ecommerce Manager, Gleneagle Hotel Group

Double Digit Growth In Revenue Generation On Mobile

Average Booking Values (ABV) on mobile have increased up to 35% for key hotels using our new V10 Mobile platform.

Our research on hundreds of hotel websites across Europe shows double-digit growth in revenue generation on mobile, and decline in desktop revenue generation across all markets. The data show that there is a clear increase in confidence in mobile users when it comes to transacting on mobile devices and this trend is continuing upward to narrow the gap with desktop.

No Hotel Can Afford To Ignore Mobile!

Hotels that fail to prioritise a mobile-first strategy will be heavily penalised by Google's mobile-first indexing, that only rewards mobile friendly hotels. It’s time hotels stepped up to the mobile challenge - and the opportunity it brings.

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