Mobile Booking

Mobile booking is the fastest growing segment of online booking. Your mobile customer requires the same service levels as every other customer.

It makes sense to provide full service on mobile.
Start today. And capture your mobile demand.

Search is still the primary route to your hotel on mobile. To capture demand, you need a responsive website or webapp that is just one tap away from search results on mobile. An app won't help you at this critical point. Your mobile solution must offer languages, reviews, mapping and routing, social media integration, photos and video, and of course a fully functional booking engine.

The Responsive Solution -
Bookassist Web Design

Bookassist's Web Design team builds advanced responsive websites with technology focused on hotels' needs. Our mobile technology includes a fully responsive mobile booking engine to ensure your customers get the best experience possible on every platform.

Many web companies make the mistake of assuming that "responsive" just means scaling the screen and moving content around. At Bookassist we go much further. From constant analysis of user patterns across hundreds of hotel websites we operate, we can see that users may behave differently on each platform (desktop, tablet, mobile) and may have different needs. We adapt the priority of material accordingly, to ensure we are serving the most relevant information and functions to the right users at the right time. This ensures a more satisfying experience for your customer, and higher conversion.

You can read more about responsive design on our Web Design page.

Contact Bookassist today to discuss the best responsive website option for your hotel.

The Webapp Solution -
Bookassist Mobile Webapp V2

For hotels that already have a web solution that they are happy with, but it lacks a dedicated mobile element, Bookassist can offer a dedicated webapp solution.

Bookassist Mobile Webapp, currently at Version 2, was awarded Best Mobile Solution at the EyeforTravel Mobile Innovation Awards in May 2013.

Our award-winning system automatically directs mobile customers from the full website to the Mobile Webapp version for your hotel or hotel group. They will find instant access to the main features they need - make a booking, see photographs, switch languages, locate the hotel on a map and get directions, phone the hotel directly, see special offers - all in a single uncluttered interface. And if they prefer to exit to the full website, they can do so with a simple tap.

Once a booking is made, the customer receives on-screen confirmation and an SMS confirmation directly to their phone. They can locate the hotel on a map and choose to get directions on foot or by road to the hotel, or otherwise use Mobile Webapp V2's Contact page to get phone, address and email contact for the hotel.

Our approach to mobile for hotels has seen our client hotels capture significant mobile bookings volume, which is continually rising. We focus on eliminating barriers for the user, so that your user can find your hotel directly from search with one tap and can proceed to book with minimum fuss.

Mobile booking for hotels

Better Mobile Support For Your Guests

Bookassist Mobile Webapp V2 runs on all the major mobile platforms out there so you can service your customers no matter what their choice of handset. Mobile Webapp V2 is built using cross-platform HTML5 and related technologies such as Ajax, which means it supports the latest versions of Apple iOS on iPhone, Google Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Bada, Symbian, Palm webOS, MeeGo and others.

Speak Your Customer's Language

Bookassist Mobile Webapp V2 offers language support in over 20 languages, including Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and all the major European languages, with more being added to allow you reach customers in any market with ease.

Available For Any Hotel or Hotel Group

Bookassist Mobile Webapp V2 can be used by any hotel or hotel group - you do not have to be an existing Bookassist customer or use the Bookassist booking engine on your website. We provide an online administration system where you can manage the room rates, availabilities and restrictions for your mobile sales alone.

Switching to Bookassist Mobile Webapp V2 could not be simpler.

The following is a small selection of clients already using Mobile Webapp V2. Just point your phone's QR code reader to these sites:

ARCOTEL Hotel Group
Austria & Germany

Hotel Paris

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