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The way travellers search for hotels online has changed
Have you changed how you market your hotel?

Win at Metasearch with Bookassist

Many companies offer connectivity to metasearch channels but connectivity is not enough! To be successful on metasearch you need to actively manage, optimise and monitor your hotel presence across all channels. And this is where Bookassist can really add value. Bookassist manages and optimises campaigns for ROI across the full range of metasearch platforms.

Proven Results

  • Average cost of acquisition consistently below 10%
  • Top performing metasearch clients see an average contribution to overall direct bookings of up to 40%

100% Focus on Metasearch - Our Expertise is Unrivalled!

Unlike other companies, Bookassist has a dedicated metasearch team that is 100% focused on metasearch.

A Pioneer in the industry, Bookassist has been working in the metasearch field since its inception. A close working relationship with all the major players resulting in shared events and regular meetings adds significant value to our metasearch clients.

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Join the 200+ hotels who choose Bookassist Metasearch Services

Bookassist provides metasearch services to over 200 hotels across over 15 countries to include Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.

Boost Visibility

Capturing online bookings for your hotel starts with visibility. A strong and consistent online presence is fundamental to your hotel’s competitiveness. Your hotel needs to be visible where travellers are searching and that place is now increasingly on metasearch websites.

Traffic has tripled from 2014 to 2017 and is continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate providing hotels with a key opportunity to boost their visibility online and drive direct bookings.

Higher Margin

Managed correctly metasearch can deliver increased direct bookings at a much lower CPA than OTAs and provide a real opportunity for hotels to reduce their reliance on third party sites. The rise of metasearch represents a real opportunity for hotels to capture more direct business at higher margins than that delivered by OTAs.

Increase Direct Bookings

If you distribute your rooms on OTAs then your hotel is already on metasearch. The question is do you continue to allow the OTAs to capture all the potential bookings at a high commission or do you take control and capture them yourself at a significantly lower cost?

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