Distribution Manager - Redistribute for Better Margin

OTAs are a vital part of your distribution business. But it's important that you use them wisely and remain in control of decisions about your rates and your availability.

It makes sense to redistribute towards direct bookings.
Start today. And stop losing margin.

Bookassist Distribution Manager is an essential module of Bookassist’s 360° Direct Booking Solution for Hotels, which also includes Booking Engine, Digital Marketing, and Web Design.

At its heart, Bookassist Distribution Manager is a channel manager with an advanced user interface, asynchronous channel updating, and smart availability rules to better manage your distribution strategy.

Channel management is a complex task, with lots of data to manage. The challenge is to make sense of all the information in a simple, quick and convenient interface, but to also be able to implement a distribution strategy. Putting 100% of your availability across all your distribution channels is not a strategy! A fine-grained approach is what is needed if you are to remain in control of your distribution and optimize your margin. This is exactly what Bookassist Distribution Manager gives you.

For Bookassist, keeping the user interface as simple and straightforward as a possible is always a key aim. We've succeeded with Distribution Manager, which is by far the easiest system of its class to learn, to understand, to navigate and to use.

Fully cloud-based, and easily accessible from anywhere, Distribution Manager is always available when you need it.

System Alerts update you on any channel connection issues and Events shows how your submitted jobs are progressing while you work.

Convenient tabs on the side allow you to quickly see what the global settings are for channels, rate plans and availabilities, without leaving the page.

Convenient date selectors for one week, two week and one month periods, or any period you choose, are available in calendar view.

The last update sent to channels can be retrieved at the touch of a button, or you can load data from your booking engine as a convenient starting point.

Linked and calculated rates can be easily overwritten manually.

In addition to easy-to-use calendar views, the powerful batch mode allows you to set rates, availabilities and restrictions across particular days or sets of days for an entire year.

Update + Go

Our powerful cloud-based platform can cleverly streams your submitted tasks into multi-track queues. Your updates always arrive in the right order at each channel, and slow-to-respond channels do not cause bottlenecks that delay updates to other channels. Best of all, once you submit an update, Distribution Manager just takes care of queueing it all properly so you can continue working while it handles everything in the background.

Smart Availability

Channel manager software makes it convenient for hotels to distribute availability, prices and restrictions across multiple channels from a single interface, but they don't care where the hotel sells online. They help with convenience, but not with improving margin.

Bookassist has a proven reputation for helping hotels to maximise direct sales on their websites. We wanted to provide our hotels with a channel manager solution that strongly favoured direct sales, where the margin is usually best. With Smart Availability in Bookassist Distribution Manager, we've changed the game.

You can set availability independently for each of your online channels rather than just lumping everything into one basket. It puts you back in control of distribution online. Using Smart Availability rules, the system can then automatically redistribute availability between preselected channels as bookings come in, closing off more costly channels and distributing your remaining availability to channels with higher margin. You determine the availability thresholds that trigger redistribution, and you determine the pattern of redistribution you need. Smart Availability can be used to ensure that last room availability is where it should only ever be - on your own website.

Two-Way and More

  • Bookassist Distribution Manager gives you cloud-based connectivity to hundreds of online sales channels, two-way where available for reservation delivery from the channel.
  • Highly reliable and super fast cloud-based modern architecture.
  • Easy to use calendar views and powerful batch processing simplify setting your parameters.
  • Set your main yield strategy parameters such as availabilities, rates, restrictions like close to arrival/departure (CTA/CTD), minimum length of stay (MinLOS), stop sell etc.
  • Powerful linked rates lets you chain together multiple rules when linking one product's rate with another.
  • Linked rates can even be used to have every distributed rate in the system managed from just one master rate.
  • Manual rate override of any linked rate at any time.
  • The system takes the pain out of managing rate parity across hundreds of products and channels.
  • Incoming reservations are monitored and automatically reduce your availability in the system.
  • Smart Availability instantly redistributes your remaining rooms as bookings rise, moving availability to your preferred channels for higher margin generation.
  • The system can be connected to Property Management Systems (PMS) such as Micros, Protel and many others, as well as revenue management systems such as IDeaS (see Technology Partners).

Fully Integrated with the World's Leading Booking Engine

With other channel management systems, you are usually forced to simplify your booking engine setup so that it is easier to manage in the channel manager. Not with Bookassist Distribution Manager.

Bookassist Distribution Manager is 100% integrated with Bookassist's award-winning Booking Engine technology. You can import the entire Booking Engine setup at the touch of a button, no matter how complex. If you currently use tens or even hundreds of different rooms or specials setups in your Bookassist Booking Engine, then Bookassist Distribution Manager can manage all of them, no matter how complex, while also managing all your channel requirements.

Bookassist Booking Engine partnered with Bookassist Distribution Manager is literally the best of both worlds in direct booking and distribution.

Manage GDS/IDS

Distribution Manager can also be used as the easy-to-use interface to Bookassist's GDS services, bringing all your distribution and management into one cloud-based location.

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