Channel Manager - Total Distribution Control

Bookassist Channel Manager provides a single point of control
for all your online distribution channels.

Take control of your online distribution.

Bookassist Channel Manager automates the management and transmission of prices, restrictions and availability information to OTA partners. The tool also offers analytical functions to help hoteliers make informed decisions to drive revenue and profit. Over 100 PMSs share inventory and get reservations from Bookassist Channel Manager.

Bookassist will guide you through the best online distribution plan for your property. Our proven Direct Booking strategies, developed over 20 years of working with thousands of hotels will increase your overall profit margin.

Start today. And distribute your rooms for optimum profit.

Successful Online Distribution

Bookassist Online Business Managers will help you to grow your margin per booking by optimising your online distribution strategy.

Save Time

Manage all of your online sales channels via a single point of control.

Easy Management

Easy-to-use channel management of all online sales channels. Bookassist Channel Manager calculates and updates all rate plans over selected channels.

Get Your Online Distribution Under Control

Bookassist Channel Manager provides the industry’s most flexible solution for optimising room prices and offers.

Maximise bookings by offering all your available rooms across all channels. The central allotment function keeps track of all received bookings and cancellations, adjusts the inventory, and transmits the updated availability to all partners.

Increase Occupancy

Powerful insights allow you to optimise your strategy, maximising your hotel’s occupancy.

Reduce Costs

Intelligent automation reduces your administrative costs and effort.

Modular Structure

Start with the features you require, today.

Service Specifications

  • Centralised or shared quota
  • 1-way integration with PMS
  • 2-way integration with PMS (full)
  • Multi-currency
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Pool Inventory
  • Integration with GDS - Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport
  • Parity Control
  • Cloning of prices, availability and restrictions
  • Prices by occupation
  • Setup and online training
  • Automatic revenue rules module
  • Emergency service available 24 hours

  • Comprehensive RMS tool with AI algorithms
  • Grids and grid formulas
  • Error handling for OTAs
  • Filtering reservations last year vs this year by rate plan, room type
  • Ability to show what transmissions are available per OTA: Availability, Rates, Restrictions
  • Centralised Allotment
  • Calendar for availability by rate plan and by room type
  • Update rates for 1 year at one time
  • Progress Bar for transmissions
  • Prices by day of week
  • Rate plan validity by day of week, period
  • Reservation reports by OTA
  • Currency Exchange Support
  • Revenue Rules
  • Custom API integration

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