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Our new web site!

By Editor | On Tue, June 18, 2013

Our old web site had served us well over the years, but just as it was with our booking engine, it was time for some new technology and a new design. We hope you like the result!

What’s new?

  • Our new layout focuses on our most important products and services; our Booking Engine solution, our Traffic Builder team, our Site Builder team, and our brand new Distribution Manager
  • You can now select your country/language from any page on the site
  • The site is responsive and optimized for various sized devices, so it works well on mobiles and tablets as well as large screens
  • We no longer use Google for site searches
  • We no longer use Blogger for news and blog posts, and every Bookassist office now has its own dedicated news and blog section. Catch up on the latest news en Français for example!
  • Our company contact page has had a bit of a makeover to make finding us even easier
  • We’ve got a big green button at the top of every page that makes it even easier to get in touch with us quickly
  • Just like the websites our Site Builder team builds for our client hotels, our corporate site now uses a powerful content management system called Expression Engine, which allows us to continue to add great features to the site. So check back soon!

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