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Bookassist Introduces Remarketing in Trafficbuilder

By Des O'Mahony | On 03 01 2011

Bookassist has recently launched a new remarketing option for clients who participate in Trafficbuilder, our expert online marketing service. Remarketing is a relatively new addition to the Google advertising arsenal, and provides an effective way of targeting consumers who have previously expressed an interest in a product, but failed to complete an action or transaction. It allows us to present the right message to users at different phases of the purchase/booking cycle, by targeting specific ads to users who have visited a site but dropped out during the booking process or even before they have reached the booking page.

What’s new is that Bookassist has now built remarketing capability right into the Booking Engine and Sitebuilder products. It’s another enhancement, just like our industry-leading existing integration with Google Analytics Ecommerce, that allows us to further drive and measure direct booking revenue.

If at first you don’t succeed…

An example travel research scenario would be as follows:
• a person seeks hotel accommodation in Dublin;
• they do a search in Google or an OTA;
• they visit websites of some properties that match their criteria;
• they jump from site to site but leave without making a decision;
• they plan to return to the process at a later date.

As the customer visits a hotel website working with Bookassist, we can track that visit and see how far the customer got with that website. This is where remarketing kicks in. The next time the consumer visits any other relevant site in the Google Display Network, they are presented with a PPC advert selling the benefits of that hotel website they previously visited but then left. The Google Display Network is a vast number of sites that have partnered with Google to display their online ads, including sites that cover news, travel, video, information and blogs. So we can target your customer with a relevant advert to their previous interests, even when they are not searching for accommodation or for your hotel.

This advertising message reinforces the association that the customer had with their previous hotel website visit, and it draws them back in to the hotel website and reminds them of it, just when they may have forgotten about.

Sending The Right Message

The beauty of the remarketing system is that you can create different groups of users (called Audiences) for different parts of the booking cycle. These Audiences can be mixed and matched as required. For example you can create one message for people who visited the site but did not commence a booking, another for people who commenced a booking but failed to complete, and another for people who dropped out at the last stage after entering their credit card details. You Audience adverts can specifically encourage people at a specific stage of the booking cycle to progress further.

Another important Audience is those who completed a booking. First, because presenting an ad to this group to advertise the hotel again could be irritating, this group can be excluded from accommodation adverts in remarketing. Second, as this group have completed a booking, they can be shown a non-accommodation related offer to up-sell different products offered by the hotel, e.g. dinner in the restaurant, or spa facilities etc. This audience can also be rewarded by displaying ads that offer loyalty rewards or a promo code discount on their next booking.

Remarketing really does allow customisation of adverts in an unprecedented way. The more personalised an advert, the higher the relevance and the higher the conversion. The possibilities are endless, and remarketing in Trafficbuilder allows Bookassist to segment and target hotel customers online at a new level.

Further information on remarketing is available from Google -;=173945

Ciarán Rowe is Senior Search Strategist with Bookassist.

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