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Jsou irští spotřebitelé více nadšení uživatelé mobilních zařízení?

By Des O'Mahony | On 15 08 2017

The data here are an addendum to the blog article “Mobile Marches Forward

Specifics on the Island of Ireland

For visitor sessions and bookings data for hotel websites in Dublin and outside Dublin in the first half of 2017, there are clear differences in the origin of the traffic. For hotels outside Dublin, well in excess of 50% of inbound sessions and bookings in that period comes from Ireland itself. In our figures for this year, the USA is the next largest contributor for hotels outside Dublin, delivering 15 to 20% of sessions and bookings, followed by Great Britain hovering around 10%-12% this year (down significantly from last year, but that’s another story).

By contrast, for the Dublin hotels that we analysed in the period, the inbound visitor sessions and bookings contribution from Ireland is in the 30-35% region, with the USA at about 25% and the UK just below 20% in round figure terms.

When we look at sessions and revenue generation for these two categories of Bookassist client hotels in Ireland (see figure 1), we see quite a disparity. For hotels outside Dublin, mobile sessions are almost a quarter higher compared to hotels in Dublin, and revenue generation is about 50% higher. Hotels outside Dublin are strongest on mobile in sessions and revenue terms, and in fact are the strongest we see anywhere in general.

Given the customer origin data for these two categories of hotel, it could indicate that Irish people are more avid users of mobile overall at least when it comes to travel, and are more likely to purchase hotel products on mobile than US, GB and other customers.

Figure 3: Traffic and revenue comparison by platform for hotels in Dublin and outside Dublin
Figure 1: Traffic and revenue comparison by platform for hotels in Dublin and outside Dublin on the island of Ireland from January to June 2017. In Bookassist’s sample, Ireland’s hotels perform significantly stronger in traffic and revenue terms than other European countries.

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