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Direct Booking Health Score brings industry benchmarking to your hotel’s direct business

By Editor | On Wed, March 01, 2017

​Bookassist is on a quest to shake and wake hoteliers up to the dormant profit potential that awaits them if they realise their full online direct potential.

Bookassist’s new Direct Booking Health Clinic, launching at ITB Berlin on March 8th, allows hotels to benchmark their hotel’s online strategy against the highest industry standards. The full series of checks results in an overall personalised Direct Booking Health Score™ for each hotel that addresses the unique and individual challenges they face in building their direct business and driving stronger profit.

The Direct Booking Health Clinic was born out of countless meetings with hotels across Europe over the last number of months to analyse the complex issues hotels are facing online today. What is clear is that hotels have to attend to many things in order to optimise their direct route, but it’s also clear that they risk wasting time and money if these tasks are not actioned properly and given proper priority.

Bookassist has constructed the Direct Booking Health Score™ to address those issues and help hotels fine tune their approach to direct business to ensure optimum results. Hotels already know that they should focus on direct and have seen the chains fight back against OTA dominance to woo the customer directly. But understanding where to start and what should be given priority can be difficult. What happens if you optimise certain things but not others? Will it be worth your while putting the effort in? How does it impact on your revenue and profitability? These are the questions Bookassist’s Direct Booking Health Clinic answers for you, practically and in detail.

Bookassist’s Google Premium Partner-qualified expert conversion team conduct critical tests to provide hotels with their overall Direct Booking Health Score™. They scientifically assess a hotel’s digital marketing strategy, search engine positioning, web and mobile design standards, on-site conversion potential and booking engine optimisation and compare with industry best practice.

The clinic analysis presents the issues, good and bad, in such a way that the hotel can immediately “see” the state of their online Direct Booking Health, and can appreciate the things that need their attention and the things that need priority. Bookassist’s conversion experts advise on ways in which hotels can measurably improve and present practical steps that hotels can take to better their own unique situation.

Hotels can gain inspiration from some real-life examples of their peers who are reaping the rewards of having higher scores.

Bookassist will be showcasing the strategy tool at an upcoming event in Google HQ in Dublin and will be running regular clinics throughout the year to help hotels make a real difference to their direct business.

You can book an appointment for a Direct Booking Health Clinic session to get your hotel’s personalised Direct Booking Health Score™

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