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Booking Engine 2017 overview - latest release for hotels

By Editor | On Thu, August 24, 2017

Here’s a summary of what Booking Engine 2017 has already delivered for your hotel this year, and there’s much more to come…

Booking Engine 2017

Booking Engine 2017 was launched in January 2017 and was rolled out to all hotels over the coming months. It was further updated with Price Calendar in March 2017 and again with security and customisation features in August 2017. These releases of the Booking Engine focused on user usability and experience and were designed after extensive customer analysis and discussions with our hotel clients.

The focus of Bookassist’s Booking Engine is, first and foremost, conversion. It’s critical to ensure that the online customer can find the relevant information quickly, that the information is clear and unambiguous, and that the path to booking does not introduce barriers.

Booking Engine features, among others:

  • the fastest load times in the industry, critical in today’s online world
  • highly customisable layout to fit exactly with your hotel website’s design
  • more filtering with the option to select number of rooms as part of the search
  • promo and voucher codes for offering reductions and incentives
  • improved image galleries to showcase your rooms
  • built-in meal plan configuration per room
  • built-in room occupancy / child age configuration
  • price calendar viewing option for “flexible dates”
  • integrated pricing “widgets” from many suppliers such as TripTease, The Hotels Network
  • direct display of special offers linking to customised Booking Engine display of the offer
  • multiple room booking
  • add-ons for upselling
  • fully PCI-DSS-compliant payment pages and security compliance
  • customisable payment and confirmation pages
  • dynamic currency conversion
Booking Engine Layout

Industry-Leading Flexible Dates

Bookassist’s new Flexible Dates approach is unique in the industry in the speed and ease of operation, and in the sheer extent of the data in can present. Often, customers are happy to choose your hotel based on the value of the package and are less concerned about the dates of travel . The standard booking engine approach of searching by date is not for them. That’s why you can switch between standard and flexible dates in the Bookassist Booing Engine.

Unlike competitor approaches that struggle with loading and reloading data and frustrate the user with delays, Bookassist’s Price Calendar is built with the latest dynamic user-interface technologies, allowing up to 2 years of dates to be instantly and effortlessly shown for each and every room type without further data loading. The interface is fully touch-aware, with the flick of a finger navigating smoothly across months of prices, with clear highlighting of the best value offers. A few simple clicks or taps converts a choice into a booking.

Flexible dates has proven to be enormously popular with online customers since its launch and is improving conversion for Bookassist client hotels.

Enhanced Security and Customer-Friendly Payment Options

Bookassist has completely upgraded its entire security infrastructure to bring you the most secure payment processes. Bookassist is fully PCI-DSS compliant and invests heavily in security for customers and for client hotels. Improvements in payment approaches introduced recently to Booking Engine 2017 include the option for dynamic currency conversion in the checkout page on desktop and on mobile (if your hotel is using its own merchant account with Bookassist). Your hotel can also customise the payment page with your hotel logo and colouring to improve the feeling of security for your online customer.

Payment Page

Dynamic currency conversion has proven to be immensely popular with online guests, who opt to pay in the own currency almost 90% of the time.

Mobile First

The next phase of Booking Engine development will be a complete relaunch of our mobile booking technology, scheduled for the end of 2017. Stay tuned for more information on that!

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If your hotel needs further information on Booking Engine 2017 features or on Price Calendar, please contact us!

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