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Bookassist CEO Keynote at BTO 3/12

By Editor | On Mon, November 17, 2014

​Des O’Mahony, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Bookassist, returns to BTO Florence this year with a BTO 2014 keynote on Day Two of the event centred on the bristly relationship between hotels and OTAs. Entitled “What Hotels Don’t Like About OTA Behaviour”, Des will outline feedback from Bookassist clients and the industry on OTA practices that sometimes strain the relationship between OTAs and their inventory providers.

The event also sees two further contributions from Bookassist with “Hotel Metasearch: The New Frontier of Disintermediation” presented by Bookassist Italia’s Jacopo Rita in the Scientific Slots on Day One of the event ( and a further product presentation on Day Two by Bookassist Italia’s Fiamma Franceschilli (

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