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Bookassist CEO delivers mobile keynote at ENTER2014

By Editor | On Wed, January 22, 2014

Bookassist CEO Dr Des O’Mahony presented a joint keynote session today on mobile technology in the hospitality industry at the ENTER2014 conference in Dublin, organised by IFITTT. The co-presenter in the joint session was Dr Mike Short CBE Vice President Public Affairs for Telefonica Europe / O2 UK.

While Mike took covered the technology overview on mobile, with a fascinating talk on the things to come, Des focused on the very real issues facing hoteliers now. In particular, guest satisfaction with hotel wifi continues to fall while connectivity requirements are rising extremely rapidly, presenting hoteliers with a significant challenge.

Hotels need to react much more quickly to the guest wifi connectivity requirements for mobile devices in-house and not just focus their mobile strategy on mobile web presence and booking. There are two sides to mobile in hospitality, and hotels must deliver on both.

The slides from Des’s presentation are available here.

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