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17 years ago today, Bookassist received its first booking

By Des O'Mahony | On Fri, August 11, 2017


​ Time moves fast, and so relentlessly.

In late 1999, a small group of us set about building an online booking system for hotels. Our vision was to allow hotels to directly reach their guests online. We knew the guests were there, willing and able. But we also knew hotels back then had a pitiful online presence and little understanding of the potential and how to seize it.

By mid 2000, we had built a solid V1.0 of our booking platform. And in the meantime we had even signed a handful of hotels to this new concept of what they could do online. On August 8, 2000, we went “live” and we waited for the bookings to flow in.

And waited.

We began to think the system wasn’t working. Or that our predictions of online business were wrong.

Then the ping of email on August 11 was cause for celebration, and relief. The newly-live Bookassist booking system had received its first ever hotel booking. Our first guest, let’s call him “Dr D”, booked a Dublin hotel online, to arrive on August 19 for two nights. (Certain details are now removed due to GDPR!)

August 11, 2000

guest Dr D Sxxxxxxx, Sxxxxxxx_00-8-19_9, booked: Aug 11, 2000. 23:30,

arrives 19-8-2000 departs 21-8-2000


We’ve come a long way since Reservation #1. Surpassing one million reservations for Irish hotels alone just a short few years later, and soon even more in UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany Czech Republic, the Gulf States, USA and further afield.

Helping hotels reach and capture those online customers continuously for 17 years now.

But still we celebrate “Dr D Day” in the company across all offices on August 11 every year and raise a glass to Reservation #1.

My sincere thanks to the thousands of hotels and millions of guests, and of course all the hard working Bookassisters who have made Bookassist the most rewarding experience of my life.

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