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Pytloun Group of 10 Hotels Moves to Bookassist

By Claire Sawier | On Mon, August 20, 2018

Czech hotel group Pytloun Hotels, a group of 10 hotels, has chosen Bookassist as its direct strategy partner.

Located in the centre of Prague with a stunning view of Wenceslas Square, the Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague is the first of the 10 hotels to go live with Bookassist’s booking engine and website.

Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague
Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague

Owner Lukáš Pytloun, a well know hotelier and key player in the Czech market chose to move from a local competitor to international direct strategy expert Bookassist in order to substantially grow his direct business.

The group website and remaining 9 hotels will go live in the coming weeks.

Lukáš Pytloun
Lukáš Pytloun

”We saw a real opportunity to grow our direct business with the help of Bookassist. We liked the idea of having one partner to advise on and develop our online presence to include booking engine, website and digital marketing all focused on one combined goal of growing our direct business With the first of our hotels live in just two weeks we are off to a great start with Bookassist”

New Trio Joins Digital Marketing At Bookassist

By Editor | On Thu, August 16, 2018

Welcome to our New Bookassistants!

Samantha Salazar, Gemma Gonzalez and Cecile Tchunsi

We welcome Samantha Salazar, Gemma Gonzalez and Cecile Tchunsi who have recently joined the Digital Marketing team in Bookassist’s Dublin office.

Samantha is a Filipino-American hailing from the Lone Star State. She is a published author and self-proclaimed brand bard who enjoys crafting online narratives. Gemma is from Salamanca in Spain where she studied Business and Economics. She found her passion for Digital Marketing in Ireland and has specialized in Ecommerce. Cecile comes from the iconic French city of Versailles. She is a cheerful, full-time learner who loves to expand her knowledge in digital marketing and foreign cultures.

The Bookassist Digital Marketing team is multiskilled, multinational and multilingual - a must for global reach on the internet. The team deals with all aspects of digital presence for our clients in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Czech. Digital Marketing and Meta Search are key growth areas for our clients and for the company.

Eighteen years ago, the first ever booking was made via Bookassist

By Des O'Mahony | On Thu, August 09, 2018

Happy Szebesta Day!

Eighteen years ago today, a small group of us completed the build of our first online booking system and tentatively put it live for our very first client.

We waited, and waited, wondering if it was really working or not, until a satisfying ping on email announced the completion of Bookassist’s first ever booking. A certain Dr Szebesta had booked the hotel at 23:30 on August 11th, 2000.

And every year since then, after millions of direct reservations successfully handled for our hotel clients worldwide, we mark “Szebesta Day” with a company-wide celebration across all our offices in Dublin, Madrid, Rome, Vienna and Prague.

Thanks to all the Bookassist staff down the years that made this journey possible and who continue to make it happen daily, and to our thousands of loyal hotel clients who continue to put their faith in us.

And thanks to Dr Szebesta for lending his name to the celebration!

Best Regards,

Des O’Mahony PhD, CEO & Co-Founder

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