The 4 Pillars of Digital Marketing Success

Agosto 20, 2018
The Four Pillars of Digital Marketing Success

We know that getting the basics right for search engine optimisation directly enhances your efforts in email marketing, social media and paid advertising by providing users from these channels with a better website experience. And we know that delving into the data from your paid advertising and email marketing campaigns will provide excellent insights into what content brings users to your website and the type of content users engage with on your website on your social media channels.

An effective and successful digital marketing strategy for your hotel is therefore built on four separate yet intrinsically-linked digital marketing pillars: search engine optimisation (SEO), paid advertising, social media and email marketing. Each one of these four pillars has an important part to play in the quest for direct business but the real magic happens when they all work together.

While OTAs continue to assist in generating overall hotel revenue, they are only a segment of the diverse digital ecosystem that customers now explore and engage with. Establishing and strengthening all four digital marketing pillars gives hotel brands the opportunity to connect with customers at multiple stages of their online journey and reinforce the brand from the moment they research their destination to the time that they book their stay.

The Bottom Line

No area in digital marketing operates in a vacuum. Paid advertising and organic traffic will bring new users to your website but social media and email marketing will allow you to develop relationships with these new users and create a genuine conversation. The performance of your business online is dependent on the strength of each of these digital marketing pillars. Strengthening one of these areas will help strengthen the others but strengthening them all so that they work in unison is where the magic really happens.

In this 4 part series we take a look at pillar 1 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) pillar 2 – Paid Advertising pillar 3 – Social Media, and pillar 4 – Email Marketing.

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