Is Your Booking Engine Provider Hiding Your Data?

octubre 9, 2019
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Google Analytics offers great insights into the people visiting your hotel website. Once implemented it reveals valuable information about your website traffic, including demographics, user behaviour, popular landing pages, website traffic sources, problematic exit pages and much more.

However, in order to gain insights into the revenue generated through your booking engine, Google Analytics e-commerce must also be fully integrated on your booking engine.

Most hotels have Google Analytics implemented on their website, however not all of them have Google Analytics e-commerce integrated with their booking engine. A surprising fact, considering that this is where all your direct bookings are made.

If you don’t have Google Analytics e-commerce tracking installed on your booking engine you won’t be able to track the effectiveness of your paid campaigns.

Figure 1. Example of an analytics account with e-commerce applied
Figure 1. Example of an analytics account with e-commerce applied

E-commerce allows you to measure your return on investment, cost per acquisition and conversion rates, thereby showing which campaigns are working well and where improvements need to be made. Without this information you are missing the important metrics required to help grow your direct business and to make your website more effective.

While the process of integrating Google Analytics on your booking engine is not as easy as integrating it on your website, it is absolutely essential that it is done. It is not an optional extra, but a vital business tool to measure your direct website’s performance.

Figure 2: how analytics e-commerce fits into the booking process
Figure 2: How analytics e-commerce fits into the booking process

Google Analytics e-commerce tracking can only be installed by your booking engine provider – they alone have the access required to accurately pass the relevant information from their system to Google analytics.

Bookassist installs Google Analytics e-commerce tracking as standard for all of our booking engine clients but many booking engine providers don’t. This is something every booking engine provider should include as part of the default booking engine installation. Insist that yours does!

To find out more about the steps required to set up e-commerce tracking for your hotel or to see how it works for Bookassist clients, please contact us.

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