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The hotel industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and there are still many challenges ahead as hotels begin to reopen. To help hotels get ready for business we have set up this dedicated Covid-19 advice page to advise and support hotels. 

We have harnessed our expertise, our international insights and our innovation skills to help hotels through the recovery process.

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PhocusWire – Amid COVID-19, travel brands must ask: How will people get there?

July 1, 2020

No matter which sector of the travel industry you are in, whether it is airlines, hotels or tours, you should be asking yourself how people will get to you.

Yahoo News – (Poll) two-thirds of Britons not planning to travel abroad for the rest of the year

June 8, 2020

A YouGov survey of 2,412 adults revealed that the majority of British people are not intending to go abroad anytime soon, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt travel plans.

PhocusWire – Hotel distribution post-pandemic. How not to throw caution to the wind

June 29, 2020

On the flip side of culling out distribution costs today lies an unexpected opportunity – to regain lost ground from partners, and in particular the online travel agencies (OTAs).

Skift – Google Maps to Alert Users About Pandemic-Related Travel Restrictions

June 8, 2020 

Transit alerts would be rolled out in Argentina, France, India, Netherlands, the United States and United Kingdom among other countries, the company said.

Triptease – How one budget hotel chain is outperforming the market despite COVID-19

June 15, 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, McDreams has outperformed not only the global average but also the benchmarks set by budget and German hotels. Interesting case study from Triptease.

Is This the End of the Single Meeting Business Trip?

July 8, 2020

The days of traveling for a single meeting could soon be numbered as the pandemic shifts priorities and budgets when it comes to corporate travel. The lone meeting may soon be relegated to an extravagance of the past.

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