Who we are

Bookassist was founded in Dublin, Ireland in September 1999. Entirely self-financed and consistently profitable, management comprises an expert and award-winning team with decades of experience in scientific and technology research, in the hospitality industry, in internet consultancy and in enterprise-level software development. Bookassist has long been recognised as a thought leader, first-mover and innovator in the hospitality technology space.

In December 2017, Bookassist was acquired by Jonas Software, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc.

Bookassist has offices in Dublin, Madrid, Rome, Vienna and Prague with resellers worldwide. Bookassist is a trading name and registered trade mark of Automatic Netware Ltd.

Executive Team

Des O'Mahony

Des O'Mahony PhD CPhys

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Des is responsible for overall strategy at Bookassist. Involved with web technology and the online industry since the early 90's, he is also a Chartered Physicist with a PhD in Physics. He was honoured twice by the Irish Internet Association in their annual awards, most recently as the Association's "Internet Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2010. A recognised authority in the travel technology space, he regularly presents at international conferences and events in hospitality, mobile and digital technology. He was a recipient of HSMAI Europe's inaugural "Top 20 Extraordinary Minds in Sales, Marketing & Technology" awards in February 2014. He currently sits on Tourism Ireland's Central Marketing Partnership Group as travel technology advisor.

Alan Threadgold

Alan Threadgold CCM ACII

Chief Operating Officer

Alan is Chief Operating Officer at Bookassist and has overall responsibility for operations and business growth. He brings over 20 years of operational and management experience in the Software, Golf and Insurance industries as well as experience gained through professional development, listening to and learning from industry leaders, and engaging with peers. Alan has previously been General Manager at Jonas Club International, and most recently Vice President Operations at Jonas Club Software. He joined Bookassist as part of the Jonas Software acquisition of the company in late 2017.

Robert Whittle

Robert Whittle PhD

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Robert heads the development and innovation teams at Bookassist. He is responsible for the company's server and cloud systems, as well as security, and for the development of the leading-edge and innovative technologies that underpin Bookassist's award-winning products and services. He holds a PhD in Physics and has worked in web technology since its foundation in the early 90's.

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