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Upsell with Meal Plans

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What is a Meal Plan?

A Meal Plan is an upselling feature that allows hotels to offer additional meal options to guests

Meal Plans typically include breakfast, dinner, half board, full board and all inclusive options. They are applied across every day of the stay, with the total price updated dynamically.

Why use Meal Plans?

There are multiple benefits to using Meal Plans

Meal Plans not only increase average booking value but if used smartly they can break parity between OTAs and your direct website, and in doing so increase conversion. By offering a better overall price on your website you provide your potential booker with a better deal and a stronger reason to book direct.

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meal plans - stand out

Stand out from the OTAs

Meal Plans are a great way to differentiate your hotel offer from the OTAs

Use Meal Plans to break rate parity, increase conversion and increase your average booking value. Meal Plans are a great incentive to book direct so make sure your hotel is set up for optimal use of Meal Plans.

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