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Intelligent Room Substitution

IRS 3night

Borrow availability to capture more bookings

Substitute sold-out room types with available ones

Intelligent Room Substitution (IRS) enables hotels to automatically substitute sold-out room types with available room types for both predefined lengths of stay and predefined periods.

With IRS enabled in the booking engine, direct bookers are never presented with a sold-out message on their website when availability exists for another predefined room type.

You’re never sold out until your last room is sold

Flexibility to suit your room set up

Picture this: You have a booking request for a double room and a 4-night stay. There is no standard double room availability on the 3rd night. What happens next?

IRS disabled – The booking engine informs the booker that there is no availability. The 4 night booking is lost.


IRS enabled – The booking engine checks for availability across other room types and allocates this room to the booker for the 3rd night. The 4-night booking is won generating revenue for the hotel that might otherwise be lost.


IRS 4night
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Convert longer Length of Stay Bookings

"Borrow" availability to capture longer LOS bookings

IRS assists in the conversion of longer length of stay bookings by making sure these high value bookings are not lost just because a certain room type is not available on one or more of the nights.

With the average length of stay lengthening as a result of the pandemic, IRS is an invaluable tool for hotels to sell and convert these longer-stay bookings.

Every single booking counts in times of low demand

Plug the gap on booking leakage

During times of low demand IRS could be the difference between surviving or not, by converting potentially lost bookings.

The fact is, all barriers to booking should be removed in all circumstances. Every booking that IRS saves is an opportunity  to grow stronger.

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Borrow availability with IRS to capture more bookings