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Vouchers - The gift of flexibility

Dream now and stay later

Hotel gift vouchers give everyone that special something to look forward to, with the flexibility of making a booking only when they are ready to do so.


Take advantage of the spike in online shopping trends

The fight for consumer spend has moved decisively online

The pandemic we are living through has clearly accelerated the switch to online and has also led to more people shopping online for the very first time.

Businesses too expect to purchase more online post-pandemic than they did before the pandemic.

It’s clear that now, more so than ever, people are primed to buy online.


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Don't miss this critical revenue opportunity

Start generating cash flow for your hotel now!

Vouchers provide essential cash flow even when hotels are still closed to guests. Gift vouchers should be used to sell the full range of products and services offered, from overnight stays to spa services and restaurant visits.


Buy, Deliver, and Redeem Vouchers Online

All in one transaction

Several vouchers can be purchased in a single transaction and each voucher can be sent to a different recipient at the same time. 

Flexibility on voucher type

Customers can choose to purchase multiple cash or package vouchers.

Various delivery options

Customers can opt to have the voucher delivered by post or by email.

Start generating cash with Bookassist's voucher solution now

Why use Bookassist’s voucher solution?

Provide Essential Cash Flow

For hotels, there’s no need to wait for the voucher to be redeemed to get paid, the hotel receives payment upon sale.

Full Integration

Bookassist Online Vouchers are fully integrated with Bookassist’s Booking Engine extranet. Use the same log-in credentials to administer the booking engine and voucher system.


Built-in Cancellation Reduction

All prepaid, non-refundable bookings that go on to be cancelled can instead be exchanged for a cash voucher to the value of the original booking. This brings great peace of mind.