Why hotels should claim their Google My Business Short Name URL

Rumenigo Fernandes
July 15, 2019
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Google has introduced a new Google My Business (GMB) feature that allows hotels to create a short URL for their Google My Business listing.

This new feature makes it easier for hotels to share their GMB profile and collect guest reviews.

Example of current URL:

New Short URL:

google my business preview on google maps

Why claim your Short URL?

Your Google My Business profile is a key brand asset and although not mandatory, we recommend you protect your brand assets and therefore claim the short URL you want before another brand does. No two brands can have the same short URL so we recommend you protect your brand by claiming your free short URL now.

Once created Google will also generate a review link e.g. https://g.page/CarltonBlanchardstown/review

You can share your short URL to request reviews, share hotel directions etc. Additionally, you can print your short URL and circulate on promotional material as you would for say TripAdvisor review requests.

When a user searches for your brand the Short Name URL will be shown on the Google Knowledge Graph. Google’s idea with this is to allow users to easily share your hotel profile with friends and on social media channels.

google my business share link preview

How to create a Short Name URL for your hotel

Login to your hotel’s Google My Business Profile https://www.google.ie/intl/en-GB/business/
Click Info and you will see the feature @ Add short name.
Click on the pencil icon to create your Short Name URL.

google my business admin menu and short name edit preview

Note: Your Short Name URL should be consistent with your other social media vanity URLs to maintain brand consistency and recognition. Google will automatically suggest a Short Name URL but it is not mandatory to use this. If you like it you can use it, and if not you can create your own.

google my business profile short name creation preview

Important points to keep in mind when creating your Short Name URL

1. Maintain Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is key. You need to review all of your social brand urls to ensure consistency across all platforms.

social media platforms including facebook, instagram, twitter, and pinterest

The GMB short urls are in line with the Hotel’s facebook URL:


2. Keep it Short

Google lets you use up 32 characters but that does not mean you have to use them all. Keep it short unless required.

3. Use Caps and/or Hyphens for clarity

Eg. MyHotelName vs myhotelname
Or NameDublin vs namedublin

Adding “-” can help to clarify even more

Eg. My-Brand-Name vs MyBrandName
Or Name-Dublin vs NameDublin

Note: you cannot use spaces or special characters to create short URLs.

google maps location pins banner


4. Use of Localisation terms

Localisation terms can be used to distinguish individual hotels within a hotel group for example. All hotels use the common Brand name and additional location term to differentiate each hotel by location.

My-Brand-Name-Dublin vs My-Brand-Name-Galway

Hotels that have a similar name to another hotel in a different location may also need to make use of the localisation term if the other hotel has already claimed the short URL “my-brand-name”

In this case the 2nd hotel can’t claim “my-brand-name” but can make use of the localisation term as a work around.


5. Think Long term

Google allows you to change your Short Name URL up to 3 times a year. While this is great to know it’s best to get it right first time. So take your time to create a Short Name URL that can be used long term and is consistent with your other social media vanity URLs.

Learn more with Google My Business Help

Google my Business provide a guide to help you with every aspect of the set up and includes information on how to change or delete your Short URL to how to report a user that has illegally claimed and is using your brand Short Name URL.


Stay Tuned

Google Short Name URL is a new feature within Google My Business profile and we expect more changes in the future. To keep up to date with industry trends and changes don’t forget to visit our Bookassist Blog.

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