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We are working with educators on the next generation of hoteliers

By Des O'Mahony | On Wed, June 10, 2015

Education and knowledge is key. Bookassist has always had education in its ethos and has long supported the training of the next generation of hoteliers. That’s why Bookassist continues to hold annual seminars in all our key markets, as well as regular hands-on workshops where our staff and clients work together on the real issues being faced by independent hotels every day. And that’s why Bookassist staff are happy to actively engage with national and international schools in hospitality on an ongoing basis in bringing market-based expertise and viewpoints to students in institutes such as

Evolution of the skillset requirement in our space has been rapid, and keeping your knowledge up to date is a considerable challenge for independent hoteliers. Trying to stay in control is just one reason why hoteliers need to partner with reliable external expertise, such as Bookassist, who can leverage economy of scale across hundreds of clients in multiple markets to keep hotel clients abreast of critical emerging trends and technologies.

Independent hotels today may have access to an array of technology tools and know-how to successfully compete with OTAs and third party booking providers in order to build their direct booking business. But whether they can optimise their use as part of a coherent and effective strategy is the real challenge. (This issue was discussed in detail at the recent Phocuswright Europe Executive Round Table on the Complex World of the Independent Hotel.)

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