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Smart Web Design Just Got Smarter

By Vladislav Vekshin | On

Bookassist Smart Websites now offer powerful customisation and flexibility options with unlimited pages and a choice of 19 languages that lets your website grow with your business.

Powerful Customisation and Flexibility aids conversion

Smarter Language Options

We’ve always been strong on languages with over 19 to choose from including Danish, Japanese, Chinese, and R-L languages Arabic & Hebrew. Now you activate as many languages as you want and specify which languages to display at an individual page level.

We’ve also made it super easy to add languages and review all of your content in one place. You can download and upload the entire text of your website in one single file making it much easier to translate.

Enriched pages with Featured Banners

You can now enrich each page with a customised look using featured banners. Simply drag and drop the style you want per row to give each page its very own look.

Flexible page structures and menus

You can now tier your website by up to 3 menu levels and drag and drop from sub menus into the main menu.

In addition, you can define the structure of each individual page (e.g. gallery, special offers, location, restaurant) and easily change from one page layout to another. Our new smart language options allow you to specify the languages you want to display at an individual page level for even greater flexibility.

Hidden / Idle Pages

You can add pages to a hidden pages menu. These hidden pages are only accessible via a direct link and are not searchable as they are non indexed. You can also add pages to an idle pages menu.

Idle pages are searchable indexed pages that are useful for temporary date driven pages such as Christmas or Valentines pages that don’t need to be on your website all year round, but need to be retained for SEO purposes.

Additional Contact Form Options

We have added more options to our multilingual forms. In addition to our general, wedding, meeting and restaurant forms we now have added an attachment form that allows people to add attachments to a form. Super useful for your careers page.

Most exciting of all is the totally customisable form. You decide on the fields. You can create as many as you want.

Smart CMS is evolving fast so we have added an alert button to the menu to keep you constantly updated.

All of these features are all available as optional add ons. To activate any of the features highlighted or for further information contact your Online Business Manager.

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