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Plan for Google Penguin 2.0 now!

By Mary Collins | On Wed, May 22, 2013

Mary Collins, Head of Internet Marketing

Google is constantly changing it’s algorithms with minor tweaks, to ensure it can return the best search results. Usually these changes don’t have dramatic affects on search engine results, however the impending Penguin 2.0 will bring a major change to the search engine algorithm, which will have big impact on search engine results pages (SERPs).

What is the Penguin 2.0 update?

Since early 2011 Google has released Panda and Penguin updates to its algorithm. These updates affected over 12% of all SERPs. The change in the algorithm penalised low-quality websites and rewarded websites with high-quality fresh content.

In this next upgrade Penguin 2.0 will address bad link-building and linking practices, penalizing sites that use black hat techniques to help improve visibility within the SERPs.

Google has evaluated a huge amount of websites to learn more about non-organic links.

As part of the Penguin update Google will locate these bad-practice links, it will remove their PageRank, and so negate the positive impact they had on search results.

There are two scenarios which Google views as bad link building practices:

  1. links that come from websites that Google deems untrustworthy
  2. websites with high “link velocity” – the rate at which a site acquires inbound links

What should Hoteliers do?

The best link building strategy is to acquire links at a natural speed. Hoteliers need to have a policy of gaining quality links over quantity of links to their websites. Before these Google updates, search engines rewarded websites with large quantities of links, but once Penguin 2.0 is released websites with poor link building strategy will most likely be penalised, potentially being removing completely from search engine results.

Google now values websites that have fresh up-to date relevant content which visitors to the website will find useful. As well as creating fresh relevant content, hoteliers need to adopt a best practice approach to their linking strategy as this will greatly enhance SEO results. See our best practice guide to link building.

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