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Mechandising Your Rooms Online

By Des O'Mahony | On Thu, June 11, 2009

The old adage borrowed from another industry of “Retail is in the Detail” should be applied to how you promote your hotel rooms online. Customers who want to purchase online have the same needs and wants as those that come through your front door.

You wouldn’t ignore a customer who was hanging around the reception desk waiting for some information on a room rate before booking, and neither should your website.

Among the key factors that concern customer’s booking rooms online are,
- What does the room look like?
- What’s included in the rate?
- Is the rate good value for money?
- Can I picture myself staying in this room, at this hotel?

If you are on a hotel website and these questions cannot be answered quickly for you then you are much less likely to book. In some cases you may grudgingly call or email the property, if you really really want to stay, but it’s just as easy to go back to your search engine and find another hotel website which can answer your questions.

Bookassist Makes it Easy to Promote your Rooms
Every Room Package loaded onto a Bookassist Booking Engine benefits from clearly displayed rates, high resolution room images and lots of descriptive text, together with an accurate reflection of any applied discounts.

You can see the from the example image that the customer is drawn towards the discount information presented in brighter colours, thus illustrating the value for money. They can also see an image of room itself, which will expand when you mouse over it. And underneath the rate information, (which helpfully spans 7 days) there is significant text description that is persuasive and alluring.

In addition to these key features, the Booking Engine also enables you to group different packages together, as you can see in this example which shows the Superior Rooms options.

What to do next

To get advice on improving the display of your room offerings, contact your Bookassist account manager today.

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