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Managing negative online reviews

By Des O'Mahony | On Wed, April 16, 2008

With Travel2.0 and the rise of customer generated media and content, Bookassist has been providing the option of showing genuine reviews as part of the Booking engine services, by genuine I mean reviews from people who have actually booked online and stayed at the hotel. We highlighted the growing need for this sort of “openness” online in the Bookassist Seminar on April 9th in Dublin in particular.

Hotels though are justifiably worried about putting reviews online, especially anything with negativity. This is understandable, but as we have pointed out in many different forums, these reviews are going online anyway whether you like it or not, so it is better to row in behind it and actually put them on your own website also so you can manage them appropriately.

Here’s a brief article from Marketing Pilgrim about managing negativity online that gives some pointers. See Marketing Pilgrim

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