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Google Analytics Updates

By Ciaran Rowe | On Mon, October 14, 2013

Recent Updates

There have been a number of updates to Google analytics recently, designed to make life easier & more productive for users. The main changes are discussed below.

Analytics Interface & Reporting

The latest step in creating a more intuitive and user friendly analytics interface involved renaming some tabs and adding some new areas. Google state that the objective of the new reports “is to provide a window on your users’ Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion (ABC) cycle: how you acquire users, their behaviour on your site after acquisition, and their conversion patterns”. To this end, ‘Traffic Sources’ has been replaced by “Acquisition’ and ‘Content’ has been replaced by ‘Behaviour’.

The Acquisition section has two new areas - Overview, which shows how the various traffic sources have performed in terms of traffic acquisition, user behaviour and conversions Channels, which allow you to view your traffic acquisition in a more detailed format. These channels come in 8 default categories, but you can edit or delete these to define your own data needs.

You can now use channels to group certain traffic sources that interest you, eg. just Facebook & Google+, rather than all Social Media, and once you have decided on these groups you can analyse how they perform in terms of traffic acquisition, behaviour and conversion, in order to better inform your marketing activities.

Safari Mobile Searches are now being tracked again

Last year Analytics users started to notice a fall in organic visits, accompanied by a rise in direct visits. It turned out that this issue was caused by Safari on mobile not passing information across to Analytics, so all these mobile users were bundled into the direct category, which is used when Analytics does not have any information about the source of a visit. Happily this issue has been fixed with the launch of Apple iOS 7, which now passes the data across, so organic searches on mobile are back where they belong.

Analytics Academy

For anyone interested in learning more about Analytics, Google have set up a new online learning platform at Analytics Academy, with certification available until the end of October. A full rundown of products and features announced at the Google Analytics Summit 2013 is available here

Ciaran Rowe is Senior Search Strategist at Bookassist (, the award-winning technology and online strategy partner for hotels worldwide.

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