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Four tips for hotels on better Twitter use

By Des O'Mahony | On Thu, April 22, 2010

Here are four points to help your hotel be more effective on Twitter and build followers naturally.

Get A Handle On Who Follows You
Knowing the interests of your followers allows you to be more relevant. Look through your followers list regularly and look for trends. Read or follow their timelines so that you understand better where they are coming from. Go to and enter your twitter name to get a visual cloud of the kinds of keywords relevant to your followers. Act on this information to ensure relevance in what you are contributing.

Use Retweets
If relevant news about your location or your business that might be of interest to your customers comes up in your timeline, then retweet it. Make sure you credit the original tweeter and not just copy and paste. Retweeting shows that you are engaged in Twitter and are tracking interesting tweets from others and acknowledging their online input. You are filtering the Twitter universe to ensure relevance for your followers. Plus, retweeting others means that the original authors can see your interest and may retweet you in the future. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

Look Beyond Your Own Twitter Account
Take the time to use the advanced search on Twitter at Generate searches for your location and for services being tweeted such as “hotel”, “room”, “dinner” etc. Set up searches for phrases such as “recommend” or “looking for”. You can even target “attitude” in searches to see if people are asking questions. Over time, revise these searches to be more and more relevant to you, and then save these searches for future use so you can check them regularly. You can use them to track if people are looking for such services nearby so you can jump into the conversation and offer your services as an immediate solution for them. This is pre-emptive customer service!

You can use to automatically send alerts to you when new information arises.

Don’t be pushy
Constantly pushing your brand and your “great hotel” is not going to influence anyone and is not going to help your online conversion. Your followers know you have a great hotel, that’s why they are there with you online. Now make it interesting for them.

Twitter is about being able to easily converse with your followers and potential customers, it’s not about the hard sell. Your posts need to be relevant and interesting beyond just a constant promotion of your hotel. Sure, you should post novel special offers or last minute deals, but you should also ensure that your posts are continually good enough that people will want to come back for more on a regular basis. If you don’t have something interesting to contribute, don’t tweet.

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