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Facebook Insights for your Website

By Des O'Mahony | On Thu, March 31, 2011

Bookassist’s Paul Ferry shows how new features in Facebook’s Insights tools can be used to monitor your website’s performance.

Facebook Insights has been available for some time now, its main function being to record the performance of your Facebook Fan Page. But in early March Facebook released “Insights for your Website” which is an interesting development in their use of the Insights tools.

Insights for your website monitors the performance of your hotel’s website popularity in Facebook. It also monitors the performance of the Facebook plugins installed on your hotel website. Some plugins you may have already installed include the “Like” button and the “Like” box for example.

Here is a simple guide to how you can start monitoring your hotel’s popularity on Facebook and the performance of your hotel website’s Facebook Plugins.

1. Visit this URL:

2. Click on the green button on the top-right of the page:

3. In the pop up, enter the URL of your hotel’s website and in the drop down select your hotel’s Facebook Page.

4. Copy the

code and paste it between the

tags of your hotel’s website homepage

5. Return to Facebook and click “Get Insights” in the pop-up. Insights For Your Website is now active.

After a day or so you will begin to receive data from your website in Facebook Insights, here is an example of what it looks like, see image below.

Facebook Insights contains a number of graphs and metrics. To find out what they represent simply scroll over the graphs or click the “?”.

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Paul Ferry is Senior Social Media Strategist at Bookassist (, the technology and online strategy partner for hotels.

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