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EyeForTravel video interview with Bookassist’s Yahya Fetchati

By Des O'Mahony | On Wed, June 04, 2008

Bookassist had a major and very successful presence at the EyeForTravel event in London recently, and participated in presentations as well as round table public discussion panels. The ongoing response to Bookassist’s innovation in the marketplace with Travel 2.0 technologies and targetted online marketing strategies for hotels is extremely positive, with a number of presenters in other forums at EyeForTravel mentioning Bookassist as a leader in these areas.

Hotel Blogs presents here a video interview with Yahya Fetchati, Head of Business & Operations at Bookassist where Yahya outlines Bookassist’s philosophy of being a seamless solution provider for hotels, removing the hassle from them of having to worry about what to do online:

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