Meta Vs Search PPC – Why You Need To Be Doing Both

August 26, 2021
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The recent check-in date update by Google Hotel Ads should leave hotels in no doubt that they should be engaging directly with Metasearch. But, hotels should not underestimate the power of Search PPC - They need to be doing both

The new check-in date option release by Google Hotel Ads, the largest of the Metasearch platforms, allows hotels to bid on specific check in dates and adjust their bids upwards or downwards to adapt to occupancy and demand. It is particularly useful at times of low occupancy when hotels would typically have turned to OTAs for increased visibility.

Bidding so that your ad only appears for specific date searches is something that can’t be done on traditional Search PPC. It is a very significant feature that empowers hotels to be very specific as to when their ads appear.

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You need both Search PPC and Meta PPC 

You need to be seen where your potential guests are searching for hotels. Travellers are planning and researching hotels across multiple search engines and travel websites and you need to be present at all of these touch points. 

Metasearch PPC complements your existing marketing efforts on Search PPC by driving incremental visibility and bookings.

If you only advertise on metasearch engines your hotel ad will not turn up in Google search results, it will only be seen on the Google Knowledge Graph. You need to be seen everywhere and by doing both Metasearch PPC and Search PPC you’ll own more of the search engine results page (SERP).


Meta PPC offers targeting and bidding options that Search PPC does not offer and vice versa

Search PPC and Metasearch PPC offer you multiple targeting and bidding options that together give you greater control over your ads.


The message is clear – you need to engage with both Metasearch PPC and Search PPC for greater visibility of your ads, more precise targeting and more bookings.

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