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October 26, 2021
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It’s never been more important to keep your visitors and guests informed and up to date. The pandemic has pushed more and more traffic to hotel websites as people look for reassurance and additional information prior to booking.

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To help hotels keep their guests, bookers and visitors updated and well informed, Bookassist has launched the Bookassist Blog Platform. Available as a standalone solution, it provides feature-rich blog capabilities but also includes comprehensive events and news modules for your business.

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Keep your guests informed, engaged and up to date

Featuring a gorgeous, visually rich and easy to navigate interface, fully customisable to your brand’s look and feel, Bookassist Blog Platform allows you to easily keep visitors up to date with all the latest news, events and goings-on in your hotel and surrounding area! Let them taste the full experience of staying at your hotel by including information on local events, things to do as well as posting about interesting insights into your hotel, its people, cuisine, in fact anything that makes a stay at your hotel special.


With a fully flexible navigation menu you decide which of the Blog, Events and News modules to display. Add as many posts, news items and events as you like.

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Our powerful events module offers multiple view options as well as filters. See how Discover Kerry present their many events HERE.

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Update your new Blog, News & Events pages and become an online traveller’s landmark! Your guests will appreciate it and you’ll drive more traffic to your official site. There are so many upsides of having a blog – and even more with our in-built events and news modules.


Gain Search Traction

Fresh blog content, news and events are not just good for your readers, they’re good for your search ranking too. Benefit from better quality SEO, more relevant search ranking and higher engagement through search by leveraging the Bookassist Blog Platform for continually fresh content output.

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Tap into Mobile

Search is one of the most popular mobile functions, and people love to read and share attractive content on mobile. The Bookassist Blog Platform is a mobile-first solution that takes full advantage of mobile and tablet platforms to always present your information in the best possible light.

Not a Bookassist client? No Problem

The Bookassist Blog Platform can be linked to any website so you don’t need to be a Bookassist client. You don’t even need to be a hotel. It’s the perfect fit for restaurants, destination companies, pubs etc – the list is endless.

Linked to your website and branded with your website’s look and feel, the Bookassist Blog Platform will enhance the entire customer journey.

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