Hotel Teatro Pace Returns To Bookassist

April 10, 2018

Former client Hotel Teatro Pace has chosen to return to Bookassist.

Hotel Teatro Pace is a former Cardinal’s palace dating back to 1582. Located in the heart of Baroque Rome, it is just a stone’s throw from Piazza Navona.

General Manager Fabrizio Trifoglio made the decision to return to Bookassist having had the experience of working with another provider, but without any online strategy support and advice.

Teatro Pace general manager - Fabrizio Trifoglio
General Manager, Fabrizio Trifoglio

“We moved for a period to a provider who offered us an all inclusive service at a lower cost. We believed we could manage ourselves without the online strategy advice and support we had been getting from Bookassist, as they had already taught us so much. We were wrong”

The decision to return to Bookassist has already impacted positively on Hotel Teatro Pace’s direct bookings, and also on their staff.

Commenting on the return, Fabrizio said “Having Bookassist at our side once again for expert advice and direction allows us to focus on what we are great at, looking after our guests! It has freed up time for us. We now turn to Bookassist for expert advice and guidance rather than trying to do it all ourselves.

Bookassist’s market manager in Italy, Alberto Recanatesi on welcoming Fabrizio and his team back to Bookassist said “It’s understandable for hotels to want to get the best value for their business, but sometimes value is confused with price. We are very happy to welcome Hotel Teatro Pace back and look forward to working with Fabrizio and his team once again.”

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