Google Launches Free Consumer Insight Tools To Help The Industry Rebound

July 22, 2021
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Travel Insights with Google is a set of tools that give powerful insights into real-time travel demand based on global Google Search data.

The tools give travel marketers more insight into what consumers are searching for as well as providing rich data and actionable insights. 

Destination Insights 
Explore how tourism demand is changing and compare this year’s demand to previous years.


Destination insights gives a clear picture of top sources of demand per destination. By monitoring travel trends you can make more informed decisions such as adjusting marketing campaigns.

  • Focusing Facts  – a set of quick insights such as “Fastest growing destination globally,” “Country with the most inbound interest” and “Top city in demand.” Focusing Facts are based on the previous 84 days of data.
  • Demand Sizing Tool – allows you to compare inbound and outbound interest between one primary country and up to ten comparison countries.

Hotel Insights
Find out where your next guest might be arriving from.


Hotel Insights helps hoteliers analyze search trends so they can understand where interest is coming from and attract new guests by creating a stronger digital presence in those regions.

Google began testing these travel insights tools last December in the Asia Pacific region and last week launched in the United States. They are currently rolling out localised versions.

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