Eighteen years ago, the first ever booking was made via Bookassist

Des O'Mahony
August 9, 2018
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Happy Szebesta Day!

Eighteen years ago today, a small group of us completed the build of our first online booking system and tentatively put it live for our very first client.

We waited, and waited, wondering if it was really working or not, until a satisfying ping on email announced the completion of Bookassist’s first ever booking. A certain Dr Szebesta had booked the hotel at 23:30 on August 11th, 2000.

first hotel booking on booking engine

And every year since then, after millions of direct reservations successfully handled for our hotel clients worldwide, we mark “Szebesta Day” with a company-wide celebration across all our offices in Dublin, Madrid, Rome, Vienna and Prague.

Thanks to all the Bookassist staff down the years that made this journey possible and who continue to make it happen daily, and to our thousands of loyal hotel clients who continue to put their faith in us.

And thanks to Dr Szebesta for lending his name to the celebration!

Best Regards,

Des O’Mahony PhD, CEO & Co-Founder

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