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Key Takeaways From Google Marketing Live 2019

By Ciaran Rowe & Samantha Salazar | On Fri, May 17, 2019

The annual Google marketing live event was held in San Francisco this week, with lots of news and updates on products across the Google suite.

Some key takeaways relevant to hotels include:

Google Travel is now live on desktop. Previously available only on mobile, this service allows users to organise flights, hotels, sightseeing, and packages in one travel portal. This addition gives even more visibility to Google Hotel Ads, making it an important part of any hotel’s digital marketing strategy. More.

Google Travel Portal
Google Travel Portal

Discovery ads are a newly announced native ad type that will appear in the Google discovery feed, as well as on YouTube and the Promotions & Social tabs in Gmail. This means they have the potential to appear before 100s of millions of users worldwide, presenting an opportunity to target users at the very early stages of the booking process. More.

Discovery Ad Sample
Discovery Ad Sample

Having previously tested and removed various image ad formats on search, such as image ad extensions, Google have now released Gallery ads, which allow scrolling through a series of images in a carousel format. Currently available only on mobile, the ads will appear for the top result and should improve click through rates. Google say that they have seen improvements of up to 25% in CTR, so this will give a competitive advantage to hotels who will now be able to direct more users to their official website.

Googlel gallery ads

Gallery Ad Sample

Bumper machine is a tool that will automatically create 6-second “bumper ads” from longer form Youtube videos. The machine looks for “key elements” such as a clear focus on a product or a voiceover, with a final call to action at the end of the ad. This means that your video content can go much further. Having content to publish regularly can be a challenge for hotels, but by automatically creating shorter videos, hoteliers can expand and reframe their available video content.

Note that some of these new options are not yet available in Europe, but will be rolled out over the coming months.

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A new look for Google search results page

By Ciaran Rowe | On Mon, May 27, 2019

Google has refreshed its search results page with updated text ads and favicons added to the organic results.

Text ads now show the website URL at the top of the ad, with a colour change from green to black. In their recent announcement, Google explained that the change was introduced so “you can quickly identify where the information is coming from”.

google black text ads
Figure 1

Figure 1 above illustrates the change, with the green ad label and URL moving from underneath the ad title to above it, while changing the text to black and removing the grey line between the heading and body of the ad, to make it appear more like a single unit.

The second change is the introduction of a favicon beside the organic result as seen in Figure 2 below, with the URL also changing from green to black text. Google says that during testing, a majority of users found it easier to identify websites and more than two-thirds said it was easier to scan results more quickly. Instructions from Google on how to choose your preferred icon are available here.

google favicon
Figure 2

The new look is rolling out on mobile first and is currently visible Europe wide. The changes should allow site owners to promote their brand more clearly, but there is also the possibility that the distinction between paid and non-paid content will be blurred even further, increasing the importance of running paid ads to ensure brand traffic is not hijacked by competitor or third party ads.

Our digital marketing team will be analysing the results in the coming weeks, to see what, if any, changes result from this update.

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