Bookassist stands ready for our clients

Des O'Mahony
March 27, 2020
To all our hotel partners going through a tough time - be assured that Bookassist is here to continue to serve you and we stand ready for you through the downturn and especially as we prepare for the upturn.

We’re well aware that everybody in this time of crisis has more important things to think about on a personal level with their own safety and the safety of their loved ones and colleagues. But business is also a concern for many and will be for the foreseeable future. To all our hotel partners and technology partners going through a tough time, we are all in this together and everyone at Bookassist is here to continue to serve and we stand ready for you through the downturn and especially as we prepare for the upturn.

As a distributed company across 5 countries, Bookassist has long been used to remote and collaborative distance working. You can be assured therefore that we continue to operate as normal despite physical restrictions that may be in place affecting our centres in Dublin, Madrid, Rome, Vienna and Prague. There will be no disruption to our services or personal availability.

As an internet technology company since 1999 we have always been at the forefront of software and service delivery online, and this serves us well now. All our software operates on Amazon AWS Cloud with continual mirroring to different geographical sites and disaster recovery and backup in constant operation. Amazon AWS has publicly affirmed that they are fully prepared and resourced for all eventualities and are also at the forefront of supporting governments and institutions worldwide with data support and analysis.

We will all eventually get through this, though not all unscathed. And despite the worry and negativity, it’s times like these that can bring out the best in people also. We are focused now in Bookassist on getting the best possible ideas and resources to our hotel partners in these trying times to help them to earn revenue and more importantly to prepare for real change in the upturn. Hotels can turn this oppressive time into an opportunity to rethink their approach, to change how they capture business and to become less reliant on expensive distribution.

At Bookassist, we stand ready to help our hotel partners navigate the current downturn and accelerate out of the crisis when the time comes.

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