Bookassist Offers Google Pay Per Stay to Hotels

Claire Sawier
September 7, 2020
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Google Pay-Per-Stay (PPS) offers hotels all the benefits of advertising directly on Google Hotel Ads, and only pay for the clicks that deliver bookings.

Google Hotel Ads is by far the largest of the Metasearch channels. Commanding over 50% of the market and with double digit growth year on year, it offers unrivalled visibility and exposure for hotels.

Google Pay Per Stay

No booking, no fee

Google pay-per-stay was launched by Google to hotels across the globe in direct response to the impact of Covid-19. The no booking, no fee model ensures that hotels only ever pay for the business they get.

Cancellations are not charged for – a big relief for hotels who have experienced a huge surge in cancellations during Covid-19. Given the uncertainty that still exists in many markets Google PPS is welcomed by hoteliers as a risk-free way to capture new bookings and manage cancellations while at the same time minimising overall costs.

Engage directly and save money 

What many hoteliers fail to realise is that their hotel is already present on Metasearch channels, but they are represented there by OTAs who get all the bookings. By engaging directly with Metasearch, hotels can immediately save money due to the lower direct commission involved. Better still there is no upfront advertising budget required and payment is only made after the guest stay.

Target specific booking windows

Metasearch as an advertising platform, is unique  in its ability to target specific booking windows. This is something that PPC can’t do. Metasearch enables hotels to increase their visibility for specific date ranges, specific lengths of stay and for specific booking windows. It’s the perfect partner for targeting the domestic market.

Example of hotel utilising Metasearch with Google Hotel Ads
Example of hotel not utilising Metasearch with Google Hotel Ads

Bookassist voted #1 for Metasearch

Bookassist is one of a few providers across Europe now offering Google PPS to hotels. 

Bookassist, voted the #1 Metasearch management company by Hotel Tech Report users, manages Metasearch campaigns for over 250 hotels across 15 countries. Head of Metasearch Jacopo Rita says:

 “Google PPS is risk-free and should be an easy decision for hotels. They’ll save from day one simply by engaging directly. From there they can transition to our Grow and Scale programs where our Metasearch experts will add new channels, improve their ROI and scale their Metasearch business”

Connected to all major booking engines

You don’t have to be a Bookassist booking engine client to use our Metasearch solution. We can connect your hotel to Metasearch platforms through your Channel Manager or CRS.

For hotels that are new to Metasearch, Google PPS is the perfect opportunity to get started. In the current climate of continuing market uncertainty and tightened resources, Metasearch offers a lifeline to hotels to gain much needed visibility.

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